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Jaden Moodie is the youngest person to be stabbed to death in London in 2019

A 14-year-old boy was murdered by a “yellow-gloved attacker” who was part of a gang that set out to murder a rival, a court heard.

Jaden Moodie was repeatedly stabbed in a “violent and frenzied” attack carried out by three men on 8 January.

After Jaden’s death, yellow “washing up gloves” with traces of his DNA as well as that of the accused, Ayoub Majdouline, were found in a drain.

The 19-year-old denies murder and is on trial at the Old Bailey.

Jurors previously heard that Jaden was driving on a moped when he was “struck head on” by a Mercedes car which was later found abandoned and burnt out.

His crash helmet came off when he was hit and he was then stabbed by five men who had armed themselves with knives, prosecutor Oliver Glasgow QC said.

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Jaden Moodie’s moped was struck by a Mercedes on 8 January, jurors at the Old Bailey were told

In addition to the yellow gloves, jurors heard a knife showing traces of Jaden’s blood on the blade and Mr Majdouline’s DNA on the handle was found in the drain.

Mr Glasgow said: “After Jaden Moodie’s killers left the car, they threw away a blood-stained knife and pair of gloves, both of which are linked to this defendant.

“The clothing and footwear that they had worn during the attack was also removed and burned in the churchyard and amongst that pile of debris was clothing and trainers that is linked to this defendant.

“Whether those connections are because this defendant was one of Jaden Moodie’s killers or whether there might be an innocent explanation will be for you to decide once you have heard all the evidence in the case.”

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The 14-year-old was allegedly dealing drugs for a gang when he was targeted by a group of men

Mr Majdouline was arrested on 19 January and said no comment in his police interviews, Mr Glasgow said.

Defence barrister James Scobie QC said there was “no dispute that Jaden was a defenceless victim”.

He added: “However the defence case is that Ayoub Majdouline was not in the Mercedes that night.”

The trial continues.

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